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About Our Company:

What we do

PRO Computer Consulting services include Server Support, Network support, Desktop Support, LAN / WAN Support, Database administration and support, Web site design and administration, Firewall administration, support and monitoring, SharePoint 2016 server setup, administration, and support, Web and Database Hosting, Dedicated Project Manager, Priority Response Time for Emergencies, Access to PROCC's network of local IT partners and contractors, Quarterly Planning Sessions, Annual IT Audit, and more...

Our business history

Pro Computer Consulting is an IT consulting business started in 2004.

About our staff

Our lead engineers specialize in Active Directory administration, Microsoft Exchange Server, Cisco networks, Virtualization - Hyper-V and VMware. We are currently providing DELL warranty services for the enterprise in the GTA, and we are also providing authorized Lenovo warranty service. To accommodate this, we have full clearance and raised floor access!

Our Senior Software Engineer is with fifteen years of international business experience, of which great deal at Bank of Montreal (SCC), and Scotia Bank (BTR Awarded CIO 100 for 2009!). These projects included database driven web-based application development with back-end relational databases such as DB2, SQL Server, ORACLE and MS Access; SharePoint / MOSS 2016/2013/2010; Systems analysis and design, database design and modeling as well as building client/server database aplications to satisfy client business needs. The company maintains 5 to 10 full-time, part-time, and contract employees at all time

What makes us unique

Our people have the original unsurpassed commitment to our clients, and we do cover a full spectrum ofmIT services, which means - single point of accountability!

We are a one-stop-shop

We can help you with your strategy goals, keep your IT system healthy and up to date, centralize your data so you have everything in one central data repository with detailed reporting. We can also repair your hardware or help you to upgrade your system. We can help you grow your business by developing a web site based on your needs as well as e-commerce solution so that you can sell your products online and increase your revenue without worring about security since we thought about that. The best of all is that all these services are affordable to you, since we have the best prices around.

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