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Point Of Sale Services

Retail On-Site POS Technical Support

PRO Computer Consulting has been supporting POS clients for the last 15 years.

GTA Service Coverage

• POS Support Service business hours are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Sunday.
• After-hours and emergency service is included for Clients with Annual Service Agreements.
• POS Support Service Coverage is for the Greater Toronto Area.
• PRO COMPUTER CONSULTING will provide Client with a holiday schedule in late December of each year for the following year.

Call Management Software

Call management software is used for the support tickets issued for the POS Support Services.

PRO COMPUTER CONSULTING Service Responsibilities to POS Clients with Annual Service Agreements

POS Cash Register Support

Software updates and upgrades, hardware upgrades, new POS workstation installations and new peripheral equipment installations.

Manager's office desktop support, LAN support.

Including software updates and upgrades, hardware upgrades, new peripheral equipment installations.


Installation / move / add / change.

Providing experienced retail POS technicians

Simplifies POS support technicians communication and management by not dealing with the individual technicians.

Experience servicing large POS clients

Provided POS Support Services for Metro, Canadian Tire, Loblow's, etc...

Implemented the following vendor's equipment

Toshiba, NCR, Fujitsu, Epson, HP, Lenovo.

Servicing the following hardware components

Cash registers, access points, desktops, UPS devices, scanners, receipt printers.


PRO COMPUTER CONSULTING is Clients' main point of contact for all systems on the network. If PRO COMPUTER CONSULTING is unable to remedy a problem, then PRO COMPUTER CONSULTING will work with the appropriate outside vendor until a resolution is reached. Client understands that additional expenses may be incurred when an outside vendor is brought in to solve a particular problem and agrees to reimburse PRO COMPUTER CONSULTING for any such expenses plus a 15% management fee.

Standards of Professional Conduct:

PRO COMPUTER CONSULTING agrees to treat Client and Client's employees with respect at all times, especially during times of business crises. In return, PRO COMPUTER CONSULTING expects the same treatment from Client and Client's employees for PRO COMPUTER CONSULTING's employees, contractors and vendors.

Peak Demand Periods:
  • • Client recognizes that PRO COMPUTER CONSULTING's employees and contractors are not full- time employees of Client and at no time should be treated as such.
  • • PRO COMPUTER CONSULTING will make its best efforts to respond to Client's needs within the time frame stated above.
  • • Client understands that there may be occasional times of peak demand when PRO COMPUTER CONSULTING is forced to have to make extremely difficult decisions and triage Client's needs according to the severity of business impact.
Loss of Service:

• Client recognizes that PRO COMPUTER CONSULTING makes every attempt to select the most reliable systems.
• Client understands that unless Client has an unlimited IT budget, it's impossible for PRO Computer Consulting to guarantee zero downtime.
• This SLA is based on PRO COMPUTER CONSULTING's best efforts, within Client's IT budget, to keep Client's system up and running efficiently and cost-effectively.